Fri 28 October 2016 Fri 11 November 2016

For those looking to own a monochrome laser printer that can compete with professional grade models for speed, but also comes at a price affordable enough for a personal business to own, look no further than the Dell Laser Printer 1710. With its blazing fast 26 pages per minute print speed on A4 sized paper, the 1710 will not slow you down, and exceptionally high print resolutions will add credibility to all output material, be it simple black and white text, or detailed charts and graphs.

Even monochrome imagery will come out looking acceptable thanks to the Dell Laser Printer 1710s1200 x 1200 dot per inch resolution and, even at very high output, the hardware will hold together thanks to a maximum monthly duty cycle rated at 15,000 sheets per month. If a problem does arise, owners will be backed by the full support of Dells 24 hour technical service, as well as a one year limited warranty and a year of on site, next day repair service.

Extended service upgrades are available to cover damages for as long as five years, which lets you know how confident Dell is with the longevity of the Dell Laser Printer 1710. Yet, for such durability, the device comes in a small package, weighing just over twenty two pounds, with dimensions of only 9.7 in. x 15.9 in. x 13.9 in. (H x W x D). With a footprint this small, the 1710 could fit on almost any home desktop, but also has to power to be qualified for an office setting.

This Energy Star certified printer has a maximum operating power consumption of 600 W in when warmed up, while a sleep mode reduces energy usage to an almost insignificant 20 W max. Power save options, such as an automatic shut off control, are completely user definable from five to two hundred and forty minutes, allowing for the most convenient, energy efficient time settings possible, and maximizing power conservation.

Time to first print is only 8 seconds with the Dell Laser Printer 1710, and even from complete shut off mode, warm up time remains low, at only 40 seconds. A 366 MHz processor also help to move things along quickly, even when dealing with complex projects, so down time remains at a minimum and workloads are completed rapidly.

The Dell Laser Printer 1710s paper handling abilities are impressive, with a 250 sheet capacity paper tray standard with the unit, and an optional 550 sheet drawer available for purchase separately, which would bring the maximum paper storage capacity to an impressive 800 sheets total. Output capacity is high as well thanks to a 150 sheet output tray.

Also standard with the unit is a single pass manual multi purpose slot that allows input material of various thicknesses to be printed upon, thanks to an adjustable size bracket. Envelopes and greeting cards can be fed by hand this way, and even printed on both sides via manual duplexing. Features like these boost the overall versatility of the Dell Laser Printer 1710, and allow it to perform functions once reserved only for higher end units.