One of the worlds leading mobile phone makers, Samsung, has recently announced a new line of non-touchscreen full-feature phones harking back to the conventional and traditional candybar and slider designs that have made the name a market leader. This is the Shark range consisting of the candybar S5450 Shark and the sliders S5550 Shark 2 and S3550 Shark 3. Of particular note is theSamsung S5550 Shark 2which, while occupying the middle numeric designation, is actually the top honcho in the series.

Samsung is positioning its Shark line to succeed its highly popular touchscreen handsets in the Corby line as an affordable yet decently featured social networking mobile phone for the budget conscious youth crowd that wants a no-nonsense no-frill handset without breaking the bank.

Theres no WiFi, no GPS and even its web browser has no Flash video support. But surprisingly, the Shark 2 goes beyond a merely competent social networking communications tool, it is one of the best camera phones when it reaches the markets soon enough.

You get an upscale 5 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash with image stabilization. You also get face/smile detection and QVGA video recording at a movie-grade 30fps. These are imaging features you wont find in entry level mobile phones.

A Competent Social Networker

The Shark 2 may not have much boasting right, but its social networking graces dont disappoint. Firstly, it comes with an updated and more responsive non-smartphone UI that gets you instance access to Facebook, Bebo and MySpace right from your homescreen and with 3G, that can be a real breeze. You also get an SNS community software that allows quick updating to your media sharing sites like YouTube, Flickr, Picasa and Photobucket.

Competitive Features

The Shark 2 houses its features on a slider body measuring 102 x 49 x 15mm and weighs a mere 99g. It benefits from a well-crafted blend of plastic, metal and Kevlar together with an ergonomically designed back cover sculpting that lends a unique feel in your hands.

* The Samsung S5550 Shark 2 is a 3G phone on a dual band UMTS with HSDPA at 3.6 Mbps data connectivity. Its also a quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE on 2G. You get the usual wireless and wired local data connectivity with Bluetooth 2.1 and USB 2.0, respectively.
* Your multimedia experience starts with media players that not only supports the popular media file formats but also aurally benefits from its DNSe 2.0 digital sound enhancement for stereo widening and surround effects. You also get stereo FM with broadcast recording.
* There a modest 110 MB of internal memory which can be expanded with microSD support for up to 8 GB. .

You get a deceivingly ordinary 2.2 inch QVGA screen with 256k colors. But its a remarkable AMOLED display that uses power efficiently since theres no power-hungry backlighting found in LCDs. This could well account for it having one of the best operating times in its class - 11 hours of talk time and 26 hours of standby time from a mere 960 mAh lithium ion battery.

Fri 28 October 2016

One mobile phone that is turning heads is Nokia N95 8GB. It is a graceful and incredible mobile phone that has the capacity to entertain and connect people thanks to its diverse features. Its black color can kill you!

Being GSM enabled, you can carry Nokia N95 8GB to any place you want to visit under the sun and stay connected. It is capable of performing on 2G and 3G networks, which enable its users to access and enjoy the latest facilities that network operators keep on providing from time to time.

Measuring 99 x 53 x 21 mm and weighing 128 grams, Nokia N95 8GB is quite handy to carry anywhere with ease. Despite being light-weight, the mobile phone does not fall short of any latest features.

The Nokia N95 8GB has become popular because of its pre-loaded ring tones, which are polyphonic and MP3 types. When somebody calls you, you can enjoy the melodious tunes of these ring tones. Moreover, the phone also has the option of downloading the latest ring tones that are doing the rounds in the market.

Nokia N95 8GB possesses a 2.8 inch display screen with 16 M colors. You can use the screen to play unbelievable games, watch videos of your choice and see beautiful pictures. It also offers you the option of downloading and storing wallpapers on the screen.

If you like storing pictures depicting memorable moments of your life, its 8GB internal memory can serve your purpose well. It also offers you the option of downloading the latest things such as music, games, and video clips from the Internet and storing for future use and reference.

Using the options like GPRS, HSCSD and EDGE, you can easily access the internet. You can also connect your phone to laptops, gaming consoles and other devices using the USB port.

Nokia N95 8GB has 5 MP camera with a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels, a secondary camera for video calling, a music player and FM radio. Its battery delivers 6 hour talk time and has a standby time of 280 hours. So, you should not lose time waiting buy Nokia N95 8GB and its Bluetooth technology will keep you wirelessly connected.

Fri 28 October 2016

Spy camera is the latest invention of technology that has certainly eased the work of security and intelligence personnel. There might be different reasons for the people to spy on other people and to have a close look on them but the equipment used is the same spy camera, which is available in wide range for meeting different requirements of people. This is also considered as vital equipment that is used for the security and safety reason. Today one can find this spy camera installed in almost every public places so that any serious incidence and accidents taking place are recorded for availing the evidences. Various shops and shopping malls install this spy camera so that they keep a check on the customers visiting their shop. Spy cameras are available in different shapes and sizes so that customers can use according to their requirements.

The popularity of spy camera and its successful use across different areas has forced many people to use them for domestic purposes also. Now-a-days people install hidden spy cameras in their children toys or in the wall mounted decorative pieces so that they can keep eye on the nannies or maid that look after their children or elderly parents while they are away from the homes. This help them to know how the maid or the nannies behave with their children so that they necessary steps if required. This spy camera is also useful for keeping track on young children while they are not in homes. Parents can keep a close look on every step of their children and can stop them if they are involved into any offensive or wrong activities.

Spy cameras are available in both wireless and wired form to be used across different areas for safety and security reasons. Wireless spy camera have concealed transmitters that capture images and send it to a remote recording equipment and this camera rely on battery for functioning, whereas wired spy camera can be connected to equipment like computers and VCRs through a cable and this wired spy camera has the advantage to be used on electric power supply. Spy cameras can work for long hours without requiring anyone to attend the camera while these are used. These spy cameras can record hours of videos and can be connected to computers for viewing the recording.

Fri 28 October 2016

MS Access databases are the most easily prone database to get corrupted. The Access database can get disconnected unexpectedly, it may be an error in the binary file format of any database which results into unusable database or a corruption flag in the .mdb file message indicating the database has been corrupted. In such cases when a user attempts to open the database, the flag message appears in front of him and he is asked to repair the database before it can be used.

If the user does not have the permission or if he does not knows the repairing procedure, he has to face the situation of loosing his data and problems of making the database available again. This result into loss of precious data leaving the user frustrated.

The most common causes of access database corruption are hardware failures, software crashes, JET software crash, virus attacks, multi-user access, inefficient database design, unexpected system shutdown, power failure, password protections and other unlimited reasons which lead to corruption and damage of databases.

If the following messages are displayed then its a warning towards the corruption or damage of the access database:

The database ‘name.mdb’ needs to be repaired or isn’t a Microsoft Access database file.

Unrecognized database format name.mdb’.

The Microsoft Jet database engine could not find the object ‘name’. Make sure the object exists and that you spell its name and path name correctly.

Record(s) can’t be read, no read permissions on ‘name.mdb

The database has been placed in a state by user “on machine” that prevents it from being opened or locked

Unexpected Error 35012

Disk Error — Reserved error (-1601)

The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find the input table or query ‘MSysAccessObjects’. Make sure it exists and that its name is spelled correctly.

Following are some of the measures through which you can prevent major access database corruptions:

1. Perform regular Backups: Always perform backup of your work so that if the database file gets corrupt, you can still have data in the form of backup.

2. Close the Connections: Helpful to both programmers and users. As soon as you complete working on the database, make sure that you have closed all the connections in the database. If the connections are left open, the chances of unexpected dropped connections increase.

The MS Access application should always be closed when you finish working on it as it increases the chances of corruption if a network connection is lost.

3. Proper exit from the Database: Always close the Access database by selecting File > Exit option. This ensures secure and protected closing of the application as compared to pressing the “Ctrl+Alt+Del” keys or managing it through “End Task”.

4. Use of Compact and Repair feature: The in-built ‘Compact and Recovery’ feature in MS Access can be used to prevent corruption and increase performance of the application. Following are the steps to use the feature:

a. Open the new .mdb database.

Note: It is not necessary to open a new database; this feature can be accessed even if there is no database opened.

b. Click the Tools menu and select Database Utilities > Compact and Repair Database option.

c. The Database to Compact From dialogue box will be displayed, select the appropriate .mdb file and click the Compact button.

d. The corrupt Access database will be repaired.

Note: Always perform backup of the corrupt database file before applying this method as this recovery method at times can make the case more worsened.

5. Import tables in new Database: You can create a new database and transfer the entire data and table by implementing different methods:

a. Using the Import Wizard to transfer all table structures to new database.

b. Recreation of the table structures in the new database manually through SQL and VB coding

6. Use of MS Jet Utility: JetComp.exe has been developed to fix minor corruptions of the Access databases. This method of recovery is much secured than the in-built “Compact and Repair” feature of MS Access.

7. Choose Access Recovery Software: If all of the above-mentioned measures do not prove helpful in your case, then go for access recovery software. Many companies provide FREE demo version of the recovery software. Test and evaluate performance of the software whether it can recover back your data or not. If yes, then purchase the access database repair software.


Besides these preventive measures, regular backups should be performed to save your precious data. The described preventive measures can help you to prevent data loss situations in 95% of the cases. So you yourself have to take the first step towards securing and protecting your own data.

Fri 28 October 2016

For those looking to own a monochrome laser printer that can compete with professional grade models for speed, but also comes at a price affordable enough for a personal business to own, look no further than the Dell Laser Printer 1710. With its blazing fast 26 pages per minute print speed on A4 sized paper, the 1710 will not slow you down, and exceptionally high print resolutions will add credibility to all output material, be it simple black and white text, or detailed charts and graphs.

Even monochrome imagery will come out looking acceptable thanks to the Dell Laser Printer 1710s1200 x 1200 dot per inch resolution and, even at very high output, the hardware will hold together thanks to a maximum monthly duty cycle rated at 15,000 sheets per month. If a problem does arise, owners will be backed by the full support of Dells 24 hour technical service, as well as a one year limited warranty and a year of on site, next day repair service.

Extended service upgrades are available to cover damages for as long as five years, which lets you know how confident Dell is with the longevity of the Dell Laser Printer 1710. Yet, for such durability, the device comes in a small package, weighing just over twenty two pounds, with dimensions of only 9.7 in. x 15.9 in. x 13.9 in. (H x W x D). With a footprint this small, the 1710 could fit on almost any home desktop, but also has to power to be qualified for an office setting.

This Energy Star certified printer has a maximum operating power consumption of 600 W in when warmed up, while a sleep mode reduces energy usage to an almost insignificant 20 W max. Power save options, such as an automatic shut off control, are completely user definable from five to two hundred and forty minutes, allowing for the most convenient, energy efficient time settings possible, and maximizing power conservation.

Time to first print is only 8 seconds with the Dell Laser Printer 1710, and even from complete shut off mode, warm up time remains low, at only 40 seconds. A 366 MHz processor also help to move things along quickly, even when dealing with complex projects, so down time remains at a minimum and workloads are completed rapidly.

The Dell Laser Printer 1710s paper handling abilities are impressive, with a 250 sheet capacity paper tray standard with the unit, and an optional 550 sheet drawer available for purchase separately, which would bring the maximum paper storage capacity to an impressive 800 sheets total. Output capacity is high as well thanks to a 150 sheet output tray.

Also standard with the unit is a single pass manual multi purpose slot that allows input material of various thicknesses to be printed upon, thanks to an adjustable size bracket. Envelopes and greeting cards can be fed by hand this way, and even printed on both sides via manual duplexing. Features like these boost the overall versatility of the Dell Laser Printer 1710, and allow it to perform functions once reserved only for higher end units.

Fri 28 October 2016

Just4study is the online Certification Expert recognized by a worldwide audience of IT professionals and executives alike as the definitive source of training materials for the candidate seeking insight, updates and resources for vendor certifications.

Just4study 000-872 is written to coincide with the real test by the experienced IT experts and specialists. With the complete collection of Questions and Answers, Just4study 000-872 is high enough to help the candidates to pass this exam easily without any other study materials and no need to attend the expensive training class.

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IBM 000-872 can attract all organizations like a swarm of nectar-hungry bees. Having it under ones belt opens new realms of opportunities hitherto unknown and unconquered. WebSphere IIS QualityStage v7.5 is the dream certificate of many professionals. You can have this too. Give your career the bounce it needs by choosing 000-872 of IBM. Association with IBM will ensure your success and growth no matter where you might pursue your career. Let Just4study take every worry off your mind and make this dream of an association a reality!

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The Question & Answers format of Just4study 000-872 is easy to grasp and is user-friendly study program. The familiarity of 000-872 can be gauged by the fact that it is the first choice of every IT professionals. A free demo of 000-872 is also available on our website. This will help you decide your choice with the introduction of all the aspects of 000-872.

We assure you a brilliant success in your certification exam, if you rely for your preparation on Just4study 000-872. With the minimum possible time, it will enhance your skills and will make your dreams come true.

Fri 28 October 2016

The recent launch of the portable digital video recorders has become the talk of the town. It has set a market trend for itself. The click cameras with the traditional roles are a thing of the past. And, handycam may not be very affordable and useful for all. So, the recent camera buyers are demanding portable digital video recorders. The digital camera recorders not only fulfill the need for static photography but also the videography. Let’s throw some more light into the technical details of the portable digital video recorders.

Various big and small brands are available in the market such as Kodak, Sony, Hitachi, Archos etc. Most of the brands contain the capacity of holding more than 300,000+ photos or over 100 hours of storage footage or more than 15,000 video songs. Nearly all of them contain LCD display with high resolution and zoom facility. The size of the screen and resolution totally depends upon the model and the brand. The battery can be charged through A/C inputs. Most of the time, Li-ion battery is used. Touch screen control buttons are the recent trend in the market. These portable digital video cams are easily attached to the computers through the USB drives. One can transfer data such as video and audio and photographs through the touch of the button. Let us now discuss where to buy the portable digital video recorders from.

There are many online camera providers who provide portable digital video recorders. One can buy the digital cameras of any brand. The rates are slashed from what one will give to the local stores. One can also buy the accessories from these online stores at heavily discounted rates. To order the cams one need to know the exact model. If it is not known then one just needs to browse along the website. A short description regarding the technical specifications of the model is given out. Once a model is decided just click on to order the camera. To know more about this matter kindly searches the net.

Fri 28 October 2016

We all are aware of the fact that mobile phones have gained an extraordinary place in our lives because of the assistance put up by these gadgets in staying united with our adorned ones at any point of time. The preeminence of these devices is rising day by day. This is because besides communication, these handsets also carry on the task of cameras and music player. One can surf Internet, listen music, click images, play games etc on these widgets.

This all has become possible because of advancement in technology. All the leading mobile manufacturing companies are looking forward to send off enthralling gadgets endowed with all advanced features so as to hold attention in the market. These manufacturers are stepping forward with numerous alluring deals so as to oblige the users in a better way. Few exemplary deals getatable in the market these days are ‘pay as you go mobile’, ‘contract phones’, and ‘SIM free deals’. Out of these three deals, the contract phone deals are getting highly popular among the people. Almost all the leading network providers in UK are proffering these deals. These include Orange, Virgin Media, O2, Vodafone, Talk Talk etc.

In contract phone deals, an individual has to barge in a contract by accepting certain terms and conditions. The person then needs to stick to that particular network for a definite time period. He or she is not permitted to switch over to some other network provider. The time period of such contract can be 12 or 18 months. The mobile phone upgrade takes place in case of contract deals when the contract of a person gets over. The owners looking forward to string out this contract can opt for the process of mobile upgrade.

The facility of Upgrade Phones is granted by almost all the providers. This facility is provided so as to entice more and more people. The best part of mobile upgrade is that the owners get a brand new handset wrapped with an array of enticing features. The number also remains same. So, for the users who are willing to continue with the same network and number along with a brand new handset can definitely go for mobile phone upgrade. However, they are completely free to change the plan. Either they can continue with the same plan or can take up some other plan. They do not have to pay extra for it.

People looking forward to upgrade their mobile phone can take the help of several websites available on Internet which offers the privilege of analysing these deals. These sites prove highly beneficial in comparing all the deals offered by different service providers. The users can also make a healthy decision whether to stick to the old deal or to follow a new one.

Thus, it can be concluded that mobile phone upgrade is a perfect option for the users willing to retain the same number and network.

Fri 28 October 2016

Twitter is one of the hottest social networking platforms around, and there’s definitely a good reason for that — it gets you connected with key players that can truly make or break your business. However, it goes without saying that there are other things you need to do with your online business than just follow people all day. Why not let technology help you get more twitter followers effortlessly?

If you seriously want to get twitter followers that will ultimately become interested in what you have to say, you should look for a mass twitter follow tool that you can rely on to give you the results that you’re looking for. Indeed, these tools are out there and they will make it truly easy to achieve the goal of getting followers without any stress or worry. The tools out there can actually help you automatically follow people in a more natural pattern, leading to higher numbers on Twitter — which is exactly what you want in the first place!

When you look at the price of a mass twitter follow tool and compare it to the immense time savings you will experience, you will find that such tools are quite affordable. After all, anything that can help you save time is definitely a good thing, so why not check it out for yourself today?

Fri 28 October 2016

In todays life, people are more concerning on their safety. We are living in a tough world where criminality can happen at anytime and anywhere. We once think that our home is the safest place on earth but then we realize that there are many possible dangers can happen at home. This is why we need to have a protection to safe our families and belongings from dangers. Surveillance systems is the answer for home protection. Install a surveillance system in your home and feel the safe and peace living at home.

The most common surveillance system is security camera. You can put security cameras CCTV in important spots in your home. Installing the CCTV systems enables you to monitor what is happening inside and outside your home when you are not around. It may protect you and your family from any unwanted conditions. CCTV cameras are proven to be effective in protecting family and properties. They can also be used to identify criminals entering your home. They may also help to stop and prevent robbery and burglary.

You can search for CCTV system on the market and install one in your home. Wireless CCTV surveillance is so popular on the market due to its easiness in installing and maintaining. Moreover, the wirelesss security camera can be moved to any direction so that you can monitor any place you want. It is also small so that it can be placed in a hidden position anywhere in your home. However, you should pay attention to the battery since it should be changed regularly. So, if you worry about your family safety in your home, you can search for surveillance systems to keep them safe. Install the security cameras to protect and prevent any possible danger that can occur at your place.

Fri 28 October 2016

UPS is short for UninterruptiblePowerSupply, it will continue to provide power with a power failure or other devices breakdown. I will give you the following brief ten-point function of UPS.

1. Power-off protection the UPS uninterruptible power converts battery’s AC power to DC power on immediately power-off.

2. High and low voltage protection when electric supply is too high or too low, the UPS’s built-in voltage regulator (AVR) will make the adjustments to keep the electricity range can be used. If the voltage is too low or too high than beyond the can be used range, the UPS uninterruptible power will convert battery’s AC power to DC power to provide equipments.

3. Processing waveform distortion as the electricity is transfered to the client by distribution lines, all machinery and equipment often result in utility voltage waveform distortion. Because waveform distortion results in harmonic, which disturbs device and will increases generate electricity transformer temperature, it general requires distortion <5%, UPS power supply design distortion <3%.

4. Frequency stability a 50Hz/60Hz mains frequency is divided into two types, frequency is the cycles that every second changes, 50Hz is 50 weeks times per second, the frequency of Taiwan’s electricity is 60Hz, the China mainland is 50Hz. A sudden change in consumption caused by client-side will result in the power frequency drift uncertainty, UPS uninterruptible power supply provides stable power conversion frequency.

5. Voltage stability a mains voltage is easy to impacting by the quality of transmission lines, so the voltage of the users that is closer from high-voltage substation is about 130 ~ 120V, farther away from the substation low voltage is about 100 ~ 90V, too high or too low voltage will reduce the user equipment life, and in severe burning equipment. Useing the online style UPS power supply can provide stable voltage supply, voltage changes less than 2V, which can extend equipment life and protect equipment.

6. Suppress transverse mode noise a transverse mode noise is generated in the line of fire between the neutral line.

7. Suppress common mode noise a total mode noise is generated in the firing line / between the neutral line and ground.

8. Surge Protection General UPS uninterruptible power supply will be installed or point discharge surge absorber design of surge absorption to protect the user equipment.

9. Transient response to protect electricity disturbed sometimes cause momentary voltage drop protruding or subsidence or use the online style UPS power supply provides stable voltage, the voltage changes less than 2V, extend equipment life and protection equipment .

10. Monitoring UPS power supply with the intelligent communications interface and monitoring software can record

electricity interruption time and frequency of voltage and frequency to achieve power control, UPS uninterruptible power supply can be arranged schedule timer switch to conserve energy.

Fri 28 October 2016

Since many years ago, a man from North France has been able to help us with his biggest invention in human history called camera. These days there are thousands of cameras available for you to fill your desire in photography. If you want one of them, you just simply find the best features suit your need. Among all those features, do you know which one that is absolutely built for you and your need? It is rather hard to know since you need to face hundreds of names or types, but then this Panasonic DMC gf1 comes to answer the question.

Known as the worlds smallest and lightest camera, gf1 one has a flat design for the body and appearance. Even this it is small and light, gf1 is able to compete with others in its class. It is the feature such as the Live MOS sensor as well as Venus Engine HD system that supports this digital camera to perform its ability.

Based on these two features, you will be able to create a high quality pictures since the 12.1 megapixel lens allows you to capture with detail and specific. Also, the F1.7 of 20mm lens equals with 35mm camera is supported by the focus ability that further allows you to reduce blurry images and create a brighter yet softly photos.

Fri 28 October 2016

As mentioned earlier, there are many hospitals that offer different programs for joining as interns and also offer to cover theory classes for them. One can opt for these programs, when they are not ready to or able to spend for costly educational programs at an established institute. Online programs have not gained prominence, because they lack practical aspect when teaching this subject. When costs are considered, certificate program is a very feasible solution when done with a reputed institution and is followed-up with practical application. Explore a Top Ultrasound Technician Website to get a clearer idea on this, if needed.

Fri 28 October 2016

Recently, the business world is mainly concentrated from the profits gained from the export and import of goods that support national profits and foreign exchange. With the modern of the technology that has been helping people to live much better way, now this business is easily to be done. The fields of communication that becomes the primary thing to support business of export and import, providing a way to make this kind of business can go smoothly. Outsourcing, the thing that is widely known lately, is an example of this phenomenon about offshore development and foreign business. Surprisingly, this outsourcing phenomenon has given a significant role in economical development. No wonder if it outsourcing statistics indicate that this stuff played a huge act for economical development.

Outsourcing has become popular in developing countries. The career in outsourcing also becomes popular in providing a new kind of employment. Not only it can eradicate unemployment, there are lots of things that become it advantages. It outsourcing provider a good economical balance. No wonder if lots of companies coming from UK and US outsource their work to some offshore companies, like in developing countries. One other advantage from outsourcing is the availability of flexibility in handling your business. It makes the business to focus in its own competencies. When your business expand, it is possible when you have to face some difficult and confusing state of having new employers or financial resources. All these things require a priority to make it work properly. Hence, outsourcing is your handy tool to deal with this kind of business.

The good thing coming out from outsourcing is its better operational control. It support services make you able to perform a better control. It is proven helpful to fix some failure your company has made, creating a more efficient performance and also production.

Fri 28 October 2016

We all know that the car is known as one of our most valuable assets that may help us to cover our daily mobile needs. This is why its always important for us to make sure that our car is perfectly safe from any damages and specifically from thefts. There are so many ways we can do to protect our car such as buying special auto insurance or buying security systems with the most advanced technology or many others. However we must realize that its not always easy to keep our car safe since criminals may always come up with their developed skills and equipments and find the way to steal our car.

Thanks to the GPS technology that today helps us to detect our car. GPS or Global Positioning System is originally made to help people finding the location but currently it has been developed further with more functions such as the tracking systems. GPS tracking systems are designed to help us tracking down the object in certain positions. This device is very useful for our car since when we install it in our car we can easily find our car and where its at. With this vehicle tracking system you dont have to be worry losing your car. Perhaps the car thief can break your car security systems and bring your car away however with this GPS tracking system we can now find back our car.

The GPS tracking devices may not only used for monitoring your fleet if you own a cab factory. Perhaps youve been hassled since your income is always decreasing and in the same time you need to know what your drivers do or where they go. With this GPS tracking device you can track and monitor their positions and see if they work properly.

Fri 28 October 2016