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UPS is short for UninterruptiblePowerSupply, it will continue to provide power with a power failure or other devices breakdown. I will give you the following brief ten-point function of UPS.

1. Power-off protection the UPS uninterruptible power converts battery’s AC power to DC power on immediately power-off.

2. High and low voltage protection when electric supply is too high or too low, the UPS’s built-in voltage regulator (AVR) will make the adjustments to keep the electricity range can be used. If the voltage is too low or too high than beyond the can be used range, the UPS uninterruptible power will convert battery’s AC power to DC power to provide equipments.

3. Processing waveform distortion as the electricity is transfered to the client by distribution lines, all machinery and equipment often result in utility voltage waveform distortion. Because waveform distortion results in harmonic, which disturbs device and will increases generate electricity transformer temperature, it general requires distortion <5%, UPS power supply design distortion <3%.

4. Frequency stability a 50Hz/60Hz mains frequency is divided into two types, frequency is the cycles that every second changes, 50Hz is 50 weeks times per second, the frequency of Taiwan’s electricity is 60Hz, the China mainland is 50Hz. A sudden change in consumption caused by client-side will result in the power frequency drift uncertainty, UPS uninterruptible power supply provides stable power conversion frequency.

5. Voltage stability a mains voltage is easy to impacting by the quality of transmission lines, so the voltage of the users that is closer from high-voltage substation is about 130 ~ 120V, farther away from the substation low voltage is about 100 ~ 90V, too high or too low voltage will reduce the user equipment life, and in severe burning equipment. Useing the online style UPS power supply can provide stable voltage supply, voltage changes less than 2V, which can extend equipment life and protect equipment.

6. Suppress transverse mode noise a transverse mode noise is generated in the line of fire between the neutral line.

7. Suppress common mode noise a total mode noise is generated in the firing line / between the neutral line and ground.

8. Surge Protection General UPS uninterruptible power supply will be installed or point discharge surge absorber design of surge absorption to protect the user equipment.

9. Transient response to protect electricity disturbed sometimes cause momentary voltage drop protruding or subsidence or use the online style UPS power supply provides stable voltage, the voltage changes less than 2V, extend equipment life and protection equipment .

10. Monitoring UPS power supply with the intelligent communications interface and monitoring software can record

electricity interruption time and frequency of voltage and frequency to achieve power control, UPS uninterruptible power supply can be arranged schedule timer switch to conserve energy.